College of Nuclear Science and Technology

Beijing Normal University

      The College of Nuclear Science and Technology of Beijing Normal University (CNST-BNU), established in 1979, is an entity for scientific research, teaching, and technical development, under the leadership of Beijing Normal University and Beijing Academy of Science and Technology. The CNST-BNU is one of the earliest organizations in China to offer doctoral degrees in the fields of theoretical physics, particle physics and nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, and applications of nuclear technology. It offers master's degrees in the above 4 fields, as well as optics and materials physics and chemistry. It provides two programs for undergraduates: Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Technology and Materials Physics.

      The CNST-BNU has an open laboratory C key laboratory of beam technology and material modification of the ministry of education. This laboratory is open nationally and internationally to scientists for research in the field of interaction between materials and radiation beams. It has one national key discipline (theoretical physics), one key discipline of Beijing municipal government (condensed matter physics), and one key discipline of university (nuclear technology & application).  

The CNST-BNU has engaged in research and development in ion beam physics and its applications, modification of material surfaces by ion beams, theoretical physics and condensed matter physics, nanomaterials, semiconductor materials and devices, functional films, X-ray optics, radiation effects and radiation processing, accelerator physics and accelerator techniques, nuclear physics and nuclear analysis, microarc oxidation coatings, and electronics and control systems. It has received more than 20 awards, including science and technology progress prizes from the state science and technology commission, state education commission, and the Beijing municipal government, and Beijing international invention golden medals. A number of national patents have been granted. Over 100 papers have been published annually in refereed journals.

The CNST-BNU has a permanent staff of 56, including 2 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 15 full professors (senior researchers). Professor Wang Nai-Yan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the Director of the CNST-BNU. Professor Huang Zu-Qia, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is currently the Director of the Academic Committee of the BRC.


College of Nuclear Science and Technology

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